Concerns Rise Over Two-Year Budget Deal

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) exposed to “Fox News Sunday,” that he has issues with Paul Ryan in regards to the two-year budget deal established recently to help prevent a government shutdown.

Partial transcript as follows:

WALLACE:  Do you still have full confidence in House Speaker Paul Ryan or is it time for him to leave?

JORDAN: Here’s what I know. Spending bills start in the House of Representatives. The most responsible for the spending bill is the speaker of the House. He could have stood firm in the position we passed earlier in the week. I wish he would have done that. Do I think the speaker has problems? Yes I do, particularly now as we head into this big immigration debate. Just a few years ago he was viewed as the fiscal — the leader of fiscal responsibility in our party and now he presides over a bill that increases spending $300 billion dollars, a trillion dollar deficit. When we were so poised to win this fight. Of course he’s got problems, but the key is let’s see what happens next–

WALLACE: You say he’s got problems Congressman, is it time for a change?

JORDAN: Well look, we’ll have that debate at the appropriate time. You asked me if he has—if there are concerns with the Speaker. I think there are big concerns because he just presided over one of the biggest spending increases in the history of this country at a time where we were elected to do just the opposite.