Comey Lands Lucrative Book Deal

James Comey landed a $2 million book deal, reports The Associated Press via The Washington Post.

Flatiron Books said Comey will write a book about “leadership and decision making that will draw upon his career in government.”

Comey will write about the FBI’s ostensible investigation into Hillary Clinton’s negligent handling of national security information.

“[Comey will cite] examples from some of the highest-stakes situations in the past two decades of American government [and] share yet-unheard anecdotes from his long and distinguished career,” stated Flatiron Books.

Flatiron Books hyped Comey’s competence:

Throughout his career, James Comey has had to face one difficult decision after another as he has served the leaders of our country. His book promises to take us inside those extraordinary moments in our history, showing us how these leaders have behaved under pressure. By doing so, Director Comey will give us unprecedented entry into the corridors of power, and a remarkable lesson in leadership itself.

During 2016’s presidential election season, Comey refused to prosecute Clinton for her felonious conduct.

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  • Ironmike4610

    He should be in jail, not landing a book deal!

  • kassa1

    You can use that money to buy himself books with in prison along with Mueller!


    What a Putz!

  • George Rowe

    I’ll NOT contribute to this bocafece.

  • Commenter

    It will be sold under “Fiction”.

  • Concerned great grandmother

    Makes one wonder what Flatiron Books were thinking at the time this contract was signed. Killary’s and Chelsea’s books bombed out. Who is going to be foolish enough to waste their money and time to buy and read Comey’s book or the ones the Obrainlesses are supposed to write (ghost writers most likely?
    I wonder who actually owns Flatiron Books that they need to take a chance of suffering a big loss as a result of these books not selling.

    It appears the so-called authors receive money in advance before any chapters are submitted. I could be wrong.