Comey Called A “Pompous Fruitcake”

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter recently called the former FBI Director James Comey a “gigantic, pompous fruitcake.”

After being asked about his memos, Coulter stated, “I’m not sure I trust James Comey as a reliable narrator. Mostly based on him just being a gigantic, pompous fruitcake. And every interaction I think he has, from the time he was in kindergarten, was him bravely speaking truth to power.”

She went on to call Comey’s book “A Higher Loyalty” was, “utterly pompous, self-aggrandizing.”

“He’s standing up to power, everyone else is dirty and compromised, but he alone will speak the truth because he’ll tell his grandchildren what his north star was.”

  • Gail Davis

    Ann: You probably are right. I wouldn’t waste my eyesight in reading his book or putting money out for it. He is a BAD cop who has brought dishonor to the FBI. The American public do not trust the FBI anymore. President Trump needs to drain the FBI swamp way more before the American citizens believe in what they say. Comey needs to be tried, convicted and sent to jail. He is not above the law! I am shocked that a university hired him for an ethics class!!! He knows nothing about the subject.

    • Naval Lint

      Well, he DOES know how to VIOLATE them…but EVERY Libbie and Democrat knows how to violate SOMETHING…even if it’s just a sibling.

      • muppey

        Glad I didn’t make you guys mad at me. Got a little battle going but not this big.

    • muppey

      He’ll hide in Hillary’s pant suit.

  • Stephen Howe

    Gigantic, indeed! If he thinks it’s OK to poke fun at the physique of President Trump, then turnabout is VERY fair play and we should “belittle” Homey Comey for being abnormally, freakishly tall.

    • jwright673

      Comey might get to prove his worth yet…on the prison basketball team.


    Not sure I’d use that language, but she is correct. Nobody knows anything better than Comey, according to him. What a pompous self agrandizing asshole.would be my opinion.

    • John T Koszalka

      That is a great description, but I believe when all is brought out, and these creatures are exposed we the DEPLORABLE ONES will classify him as “A WORM AND NO MAN.

      • muppey


    • muppey

      I had a feeling…you’re right…

  • Aline

    Coulter’s got class, and she’s too kind. Comey is a pompous jerk, liar, traitor, who thinks his crap doesn’t stink!

  • William L. Ramsburg


  • Bruce Walters

    Don’t forget a blubbering windbag

  • A_patriot

    I like how Ann Coulter thinks.

  • gene smiith

    She is no one to trifle with and someone easily believed.

  • Breaux Staedt

    I can see it now, a Broadway revival: Les Deplorables, with Comey as Inspector Javert ;-}