CNN Reporter Tries To Embarrass Navy SEAL, But He Gets The Last Laugh

Liberals always think they know how to stop violence.

That’s why they sit behind desks with TV cameras and then wax philosophical about what could be done to prevent more shootings.

Of course for them this always equates to more laws, an increase in the amount of restrictions placed on normal people who are looking to provide more security for themselves, and more frequent and more intrusive government intervention in our lives.

But when they’re actually taken to task about their fairy tale hypotheses of what will make the world a better place it usually ends up in catastrophe for them.

Take for example what happened on TV a few days ago.

A CNN reporter decidedd he was going to tell a former Navy SEAL that gun control is the only thing that’ll prevent mass shootings like the one in Orlando.

Well it didn’t take long for the former member of our military to make a fool of the reporter on live television.

During a discussion hosted by Alisyn Camerota on CNN’s New Day Monday, political commentator Bob Beckel weighed in on gun control measures being pushed in the wake of the terrorist attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Fla., in which Omar Mateen killed 49 people.

“If you can’t pass one thing, after what happened in Orlando on terrorists not getting guns, then I don’t think you’ll ever get gun control laws,” reflecting on gun control bills in the House and Senate on Monday. The measures aren’t expected to pass according to Beckel.

David Gregory, also a CNN analyst, called the bills before Congress “common sense” but admitted he’s “similarly pessimistic” the bills will pass.

Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie was asked by Camerota to share his thoughts on gun control.

“I think the fact is that if you had security guards at that club that were carrying firearms, bullets going in the other direction always has stopped criminals from being armed and carrying out further acts of violence,” he said.

Seemingly agitated, the CNN anchor noted that the club did have one armed guard. “Carl, Just answer that. There was an armed security guard there and this time it didn’t stop the gunman.”

Higbie countered that the problem isn’t guns, it’s radical Islamic terrorism. “So let’s look at the fact here that they’re trying to blame guns for this whole thing,” he said. “You don’t blame Boeing for the planes hitting the towers [on 9/11]. You don’t blame spoons for people getting fat. … Let’s stop blaming guns and let’s start blaming the ideology.”

The former Navy Seal concluded the FBI should clarify what criteria must be met before someone is placed on the terrorist watch list before any American be placed on such a list, and before any decision banning those individuals from obtaining a firearm is made. He went further saying, “If you’re on a terrorist watch list, you should be in jail. I don’t think you should be on a list, you should be in jail.”

Higbie is right, a gun is often the only thing that’s going to stop another person with a gun. That’s why he and the other Frogmen he served with carried guns. Not so they’d look good in their uniforms but so they could fight back against the evil men they had to face in the middle of combat.

Liberals don’t like that logic.

They think the world is a soft and cuddly place, and if it isn’t then they can legislate their way there.

Do you agree with Higbie, would armed security have prevented the massive amounts of mayhem and murder experienced at the Pulse nightclub?

Tell us in the comments below.