CNN Accuses Trump Of A “PR Stunt”

Brian Stelter of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” suggested that President Trump is only sending the National Guard to the U.S. Mexico border as a “PR stunt” and is creating a fake crisis.

Stelter stated, “First a story that symbolizes everything that’s wrong with the Trump era. President Trump receives faulty information, then he makes impulsive decisions, and his staff has to scramble. Ask yourself, why is there so much talk about the U.S.-Mexico border all of a sudden? Why are National Guard troops suddenly being deployed? the answer involves President Trump’s favorite channel.”

“The line where Fox News ends and where Trump begins is getting blurrier by the day.”

“Now his addiction to Fox and other pro-Trump commentators lead to impulsive actions. In this case, he is defiantly playing to his base, stoking anti-immigrant fears and even catching his staff off guard. Then they have to scramble to make it look like he knows what he’s doing. That’s how we ended up with the National Guard deployed to the border in what I would argue is a PR stunt. Trump wants a PR victory. He wants to give his Fox friends something to celebrate. And as a result, we are all talking about the border, a manufactured crisis.”

  • justdave

    A country with out borders is not a country. If you neighbor starts using your yard without your permission, would you just accept it. If you are away on vacation and when you return a poor family is squatting in your house, do you say – oh, they are just looking for a better life….. Hell no, you call the cops. Same thing with the border. The military is just backing up the cops (border patrol).

    • irish1919

      Amen. CNN and all the fake news media creates a fake crisis all the time. Like using these shootings as a springboard for taking away the guns of law abiding citizens. They prod these school kids, who have absolutely no understanding of the 2nd ammendment(mainly because our public schools do not teach the constitution) and provoke and prod them into little Barack Obamas( community organizers to protest against the NRA . Really? This David Hogg has the right name. He is a hog for publicity. A snot nosed left wing nut job. A product of the communist news network. And shame on these businesses who support this punk over real constitutional conservatives. Every gun over in America should send these sponsors of the Laura Ingram show a loud and clear message.

  • Big Ed

    CNN accuses Trump of creating a “fake crisis”. This means CNN and Trump have much of the same skills-that being creating “fake” stuff. Trump creates “fake crises” while CNN is the absolute king of creating “fake news”.

    • John

      There have been reports, for some time now, of a caravan of Illegal Aliens on the way to the US Southern border. The president is sending the Coast Guard down there to help stop them. CNN knows this but, won’t report it. The president stands up for American Citizens, the Democrats and the Left Wing media favor Illegal Aliens over US citizens. CNN is Very Fake News!!!

  • rottenrollin

    CNN is a crisis of fake news and liberal BS.

  • Maxine Simon

    Why are you Posting CNN Fake Crap giving them any Air time!

  • USMC and America proud

    If the National Guard is sent out to help shut down the flow of: illegal aliens; illegal drugs; illegally firing of weapons into the US to protect said illegal drugs, aliens carrying said drugs, and children being forced to leave their homes so that CNN can use them to create fake stories; then HOW can it be a “fake” crisis?
    No, rather CNN; MSNBC, and other such fake news sites ARE the fake crisis problem in America! Want to fix it? Call every advertiser that buy ad space on all these fake news stations, and tell them you will stop buying products if they persist in keeping these fake news channels alive! Kill them off, take your money, and let’s band together and start creating our own real news channel! Fox can use a little cleansing too!

  • Russ Raetzman

    The only ones creating a fake crisis are the Mainstream Media, especially CNN Can you say ” Russian Collusion”. I thought you could. “Won’t you be my neighbor?, “Not!” Nobody in my family takes CNN seriously anymore. They are an F*ing joke. Brian Stelter is an F*ing pile of steaming shizel.

  • JWB

    They were sent to protect the American citizens, nothing “fake” about that, and to “lend a hand”, where needed, to BUILD THE WALL, in order to thwart the “invasion” of the “bad hombres” and the contraband and disease that “tags” along. MAGA!

  • MajorPain

    Who’s Brian Stelter and since when did the Criminal News Network have any Reliable Sources!

  • Ischgabibble

    Stelter again? Are we to believe this lying fool? Why would anyone believe the great CNN. They invented FAKE NEWS and now this. CNN is a stunt. People just change the channel. Permanently.

  • Angelika G

    HA, HA, HA…It’s THEM clearly CREATING crisis after crisis because THEY are all DERANGED and I feel SORRY, very SORRY for the TRUE American CITIZENS/PATRIOTS who have to put up with these LIARS and CRIMINALS, SUPPORTING “Illegals” = PROTECTING and HARBORING them = that’s called “BREAKING the IMMIGRATION LAWS’, having MUSLIMS in the so called “democratic” party, one “running” this party of EVIL, LYING TRAITORS, as there is a LAW “banning” Muslims from THIS country and on and on and on……..!!!! When you DON’T even KNOW or UNDERSTAND the LAWS of the LAND than you have NO business even being in ANY political party, NOT in THIS country or ANYWHERE else……!!!!

  • mike

    Who cares for a site that is devoted to disparage, distort and blame anything to do with the LEGALLY elected president! CNN should be shunned by any descent American voter, regardless of their political affiliation and not buy into this clearly displayed bias! He is attacked if he does something or if he doesn’t! In this case, yesterday they were like rabid dogs lashing out that he did nothing to respond to the Syrian use of chemical weapons, which they would have done if he didn’t take time to verify the facts! Today they accuse him of a PR stunt on the border for which he should be congratulated for being the first president to ever take action to deal with the lack of clear immigration policy, illegal entry and occupancy, including the creation of corrupt attempts of Sanctuary Cities! The clearly stated goal of the Dems. is to guaranty votes for Democrats! This has been stated again, recently by Dem. Senators! Just let that sink in, the Dems are selling your country for personal gain. Your hard earned money are paying as taxes for all these illegals, while American retires do not get pension increases, addicts from drugs coming from Mexico (your money), cannot get medical care, medical care seriously lacking for most citizens, infrastructure is failing across the nation, and everything else you can think off and yet the Dem. party is fighting for illegals instead of Americans! Yesterday a figure of some $26 billion/yr was mentioned as being sent back home by illegals, that is $26 bil. out of the US economy! Ponder a little on this and see who is right and who is not! Do you want some extra money for your kids’ health care, schooling, your country’s welfare!

  • A_Nobody

    Such hypocrisy from the Comical News Network. All they’ve done for years is PR stunts for which they’ve lost major viewership. It’s to the point if they report negative we can take is as positive and vice versa.