CNN: ’10-15%’ Of Trump’s Supporters Are KKK…

Trump’s Base Includes A ‘Hate Community’

According to historian, professor of history, and CNN contributor, Douglas Brinkley, 10-15% of President Donald Trump’s voter base is composed of KKK, white nationalists, and “alt-right” figures.

Brinkley described a portion of Trump’s support base a “hate community” when teed up by CNN’s Ana Cabrera. Partial transcript below:

CABRERA: And yet this president has gone after political foes, members of his own party, even members of his own cabinet; calling them losers, cry-babies, pathetic, cowards, quitters. So, in that sense, is it surprising that he doesn’t go after the KKK and white nationalists in the same way?

BRINKLEY: It’s abhorrent, but I don’t think it’s surprising. He has seemed to never want to cross swords with the alt-right, they promote this kind of hate speech. And he just, it feels that this is part of that, you know, maybe it’s 15 percent, 10 percent of his base that adheres to a kind of neo-confederate line, that likes the Confederate Flag, that celebrates Robert E. Lee, and he sees those as white votes that he won last time with and is gonna need again, so he tends to become very weak tea – water things down – so as not to make enemies with that kind of hate community.

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  • Steven Kimball

    In the interest of journalistic fairness, how many of Hillary’s supporters, and how many of Obama’s supporters, are radical comunists or muslims favoring overthrow of the government? Remember, the so-called alt right in Charlottesville weren’t fighting among themselves!

    • Meg

      I would say most of their supporters are communist or muslims. The rest are too stupid to know the difference between a dictator and freedom.

  • mossbergman

    More lies / The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that there are 190 active KKK groups with between 5,000 and 8,000 Klan members in the U.S. so according to CNN 5-8K = 10-15 % of Trump supporters /

    • John Kane

      Please do no confuse a liberal with facts. They are totally incapable of understanding them.

      • mossbergman

        yeah hows that go don’t confuse me with facts , ~I know what I Know .~

  • William Gordon

    CNN is all a bunch of dirty liars and when push comes to shove–You better watch your step–FCC can take your LICENSE if you go to far–especially when you go after MR. Trump–I hope some one fires whom ever is doing and publishing this fake bad for the country news

  • Barbara DuVall

    Well, as for CNN,100% of your supports are supporters of hate,and destruction,riots. You need to look in the mirror before you call anyone a KKK supporters. That’s apparently where you, CNN got your training from.

  • Sam

    This will probably work as well for CNN as Hillary’s statement calling Trump supporters “deplorables”. Boycott CNN advertisers until they make an official apology!

  • 7littleangels

    Not true, but if it were, guess that would leave the other 90% ads staunch liberals and adamant fans of corrupt news network, aka CNN!

  • Kirk Kahler

    CNN should spot check be for the say such dumb shit ! the KKK is all but dead not many left and for the other two groups just a hand full as well ! CNN should be reporting on the terror groups like ANTIFA, Muslim brotherhood and BLM who have openly called for the death of police, white people and members of our government ! oh ya who started the KKK ? it was the left ! through out the years the left has supported so much hate and still CNN will not report the truth why ? cuz they are just as corrupt as the Obama/Clinton cartel ! I feel that the FCC should pull CNN lic. for pushing fake news and lies !

  • gomurr

    Senator Robert Byrd had a really great supporter in Hillary Clinton, who referred to him as her mentor.

    CNN fails math…….there are nowhere near that number of white supremacists in the US.

  • Daniel from TN

    And we are supposed to believe ANYTHING anyone at CNN says because……………?

  • John D

    Obama & the Clinton’s have several hate group supporters, the usual Muslim & leftist suspects. MSM is one sided as usual & hate Trump so he will always been vilified. .

  • Brutal Truth

    Such a distorted and high percentage attribution is a completely false and capricious presumptuous claim intended to promote further divisions. Shame on its maker and this network for wagging it around like their dirty toilet paper for our hoped for gullible consumption.
    The reality is the whack job KK K’s and so called white “supremacists” numbers doubtless represent less than 100th of 1% percent of the entire US population (have you personally ever met any of them? I thought not. I haven’t either), every day its becoming clearer and clearer that the real issue on the table isn’t white racism that we are being force fed through the MSM news outlets, that its instead its the anti-white rhetoric and racism that is being engendered and nurtured by the fake news mass media honchos because the hyper division and strained partisan polarities its creating makes for great press and advertising revenues.

    its apparent that the few whom control the Fake News MSM are a bunch of self-indulgent, greedy manipulative rats cynically executing on PT Barnum’s bromide that “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

    The Orwellian Message, regardless of your partisan bent, is:
    Don’t buy into their poison. Don’t be a sucker!

    • Francis Elliott

      When the left has no facts to put out, they resort to dirt they have manufactured to put Trump and Trumpers down. They upchuck some fake news claiming that some percentage of Trump supporters are kooks, but they offer no supporting evidence. Figures just snatched from the air make them facts for CNN (Communist News Network).

      • Roger_T73

        Please, it is the CLINTON News Network!!!

    • Roger_T73

      Don’t forget which Party had a KKK Grand Dragon as it’s Senate Leader -Senator Robert Bird, (D).

  • Fran Follari

    I’ve never been polled. Have any of you?

  • gideonrockwell

    Does anyone still watch the Commie News Network. The last I saw reruns of Yogi Bear on T.V.Land was out rating the top rating shows on CNN. If I want to watch fiction I’ll watch the SyFy channel.

  • Kurt Kruse

    And a 100% of CNN viewers are idiots!

  • Bruce Probert

    The Democratic Party of racists like like George Wallace and Robert Byrd, who was Hillary’s mentor You can’t get much more Hypocritical than that. The Democratic Party has embraced lawlessness brought illegal aliens to the stage at the convention feted Black lives matters supported the occupy movement failed to call out the antifa thugs and their lawlessness. They should all be in jail. We haven’t even started on the corruption that runs rampant though out the whole operation. The racism and corruption includes the darlings of the left Barack and Michelle Obama.

  • Mike

    For 10-15% of Trump supporters to be KKK is mathematically impossible. Obviously a statistic pulled out of their backsides.

  • Patriot47

    Clinton News Network belches their alternate reality.

    Without the financial support of Soros, you would already be in the dust bin of history.

  • Roger_T73

    Don’t forget HITLER’S Hired Hitmen, paid by the clinton GLOBAL SLUSH FUND.

  • Nancy Anderson

    As a President Trump supporter I highly resent this statement. I am NOT KKK or any other radical group. I’m an American citizen that is sick and tired of the same old politics and wanted REAL change, not the crap Obama threw up. (sic)

  • ProudSCresident

    I’ve lived in the South my entire life, and I’ve never encountered a White Supremacist, KKK member, or anyone resembling them. Today, we’re all enjoying life and getting along down here. No one watches CNN either. How do they get contracts to stream into airports and public places? I’d watch a blank wall before I’d watch CNN.