Texas Church Shooter Has Insane Past

Why was the Texas church shooter not where he belonged? In JAIL?

It has been recently discovered that Devin Kelley had escaped from a mental institution back in 2012. Not only did he escape, but he also threatened his supervisors and tried to smuggle guns into the base.

El Paso police arrested Devin Kelley on June 7, 2012, at a Greyhound bus station a stone’s throw from the U.S.-Mexico border after he escaped the Peak Behavioral Health Services facility about 12 miles away in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, according to the police report…. Sunland Park officers told their Texas colleagues that Kelley “was a danger to himself and others as he had already been caught sneaking firearms” onto Holloman Air Force Base and that Kelley “was attempting to carry out death threats that [he] had made on his military chain of command,” the report states.

This is just a slim amount of the violence in Kelley’s past. He cracked the skull of his infant child, abused his wife, tortured his dog, and more. So why was he walking around like a free man?

He only served 12 months for the gun threats. The Air Force didn’t submit his information to the FBI, which could have blocked him from purchasing a gun, therefore preventing the shooting in Texas.

  • rottenrollin

    He is nuts and most likely a Dimmercrat.

    They protect their own.

    • USMC and America proud

      His facebook page, now removed by Farcebook, said he was a member of Antifa! Also a Dem.

      • Concerned in Texas

        Kelley most likely had untreated extreme manic depression,ODD(oppositional defiant disorder).It is similar to name.Most likely Anti-Social Personality Disorder,Sociopath Disorder,Disruptive Disorder,among other mental problems.The mental hospital he escaped from surely has a diagnosis on him.He should have been in a locked facility.The Air Force and the FBI should be made responsible for his ability to purchase a gun.Many people have lost their lives and loved ones due to negligence.My step-son has ODD,bipolar,anti-social personality,sociopathic diagnosed in teens and still has all of the above and is 36 yrs.He lives in Florida and I thank God I do not have to deal with him anymore.He has been in prison twice.Both times due to violence,once being extreme enough to place someone in hospital for awhile.Why wasn’t Kelley in prison for fracturing an infant’s skull?It doesn’t make sense.

    • Concerned in Texas

      No surprise there.

  • Concerned in Texas

    I’m wondering if his mother-in-law that he was texting threats to reported incidents to local authorities.If not lack of reported info might have possibly prevented this insane idiot from going forward.People are going to have to start reporting tangible events to creditable law enforcement where people who have history of mental problems are acting out in strange behavior.Of course that is no quarantee that anything will be done to stop them but it surely cannot if we do not at least try.I realize that their is no shortage of bonafide nuts that would call in on people without a valid reason but would have to have some proof of former behavior mode that would be called to attention of possible outbreaks of insanity.

    • Larry Shriver

      Yeah, but when the people who SHOULD follow the proper steps to ensure that instances like this don’t happen, BUT DON’T, what are we to do ? The military should have reported the problems with him, BUT DIDN’T, so what are we to do. When a crime happens, we have been taught that we should report it to the authorities; whether that be the cops, or some other organization who supposedly has the authority to remedy the situation, and they do nothing, what are we to do ? If the situation continues…. where the law-breaker or criminal has more rights than the law-abiding citizen, then the future for America looks pretty dim. I don’t care what any bleeding-heart liberal says, THE CASTLE DOCTRINE should be the law of the land throughout the U S. If someone is in your house uninvited, you should be able to shoot their ass, without any fear of repercussions !!! It would put an end to this bullshit of people getting off with a slap on the wrist for crimes they should be sentenced to death or incarcerated for LIFE. WAKE UP PEOPLE, and start voting for those who support stiff penalties for serious offenders, instead of the judges who let the criminal scum skate thru life with no consequences.

  • Maxine Simon

    I will tell you the Plain & Simple Truth why this Lunatic Shooter was not behind bars . This is the type of craze Criminals, the kind who will get guns at all cost, (they don’t follow laws) even though the System failed! But this is the Typical hate filled violent leftist, democrat, Who the LEFT, DEMORATS, GLOBALIST, Are protecting, putting them out in the streets Among all the rest of law abiding Citizens. “(LOOK AT SANCTUARY CITY’S, STATES) They want these shootings, violence, using there INSANE GUN GRABBING LAWS SO NO CITIZEN IS SAFE! Its the biggest Political injustice among every American for this third World Order. Common Sence Folks, if more law abiding Citizens, CC, Owned guns, and shot these SOB’S, If we had LAW ORDER & JUSTICE, and they Locked there Ass’s up, we would live in a much Safer World. YOUR GOVERNMENT IS YOUR ENEMY! THEY PASS LAWS, GUN GRAB, WHILE THEY SIT IN THERE GATED MANSION’S WITH SECURITY DETAIL, ARMED, ALARMS, AND NEVER PLACE ILLEGALS OR CRIMINALS IN THERE NEIGHBORHOODS. ITS A NO BRAINIER.