Cher Hopes For Trump To Face Midterm Conseqences

Entertainer Cher expressed sorrow over the possibility that the Republicans could hold Congress and as a result President Trump could avoid “consequences.”

Cher stated, “I would vote for Democrat because I just believe that, you know, he’s shown who he was. He showed who he was even before, Central Park 5 and saying that President Obama was Kenyan, you know, and Muslim from the way that he has used hate. And we say this all the time, everyone says this, he’s a liar. He uses hate. He uses fear. You know, I’ve said this a million times, but I think that when a man can take children away from their parents and put them in cages, and he suffers no consequence, then I don’t understand how we’re America anymore.”

“He’s such a misogynist. Secondly, he would take away the things that I have fought for since I was a young woman. And what I think is that a lot of these women, they’re just voting straight Republican. He was a reality star, and he seems very kind of sexy or something. Also, he promises whatever. It’s like, I’ve never seen anybody lie so good. He would be the greatest actor because you can’t really tell when he’s lying and when he’s telling the truth, and I find that actually amazing. I’ve never seen anyone do that.”