Celebrity Mike Rowe Says One Thing Would Boost The Economy

Recently on Fox News, Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame was interviewed by Steve Hilton. He went on to offer advice for charging the economy.

Rowe offered that it was America’s view of what defines a “good job” that has hindered growth in the nation. 

“Good work implies the existence of bad work. Bad work suggests the existence of bad jobs. If you go into the world with an expectation that you have a category of good jobs and a category of bad jobs, then you’re going to be informed to act accordingly, which means you will look at education in terms of good education and bad education. Four-year degrees. Trade schools. The language is important, so if we want to redefine the way we think about work in the coming decades, we need to redefine the definition of a good job.”

Rowe went on to assert that the most effective way to “change the narrative” of what makes a “good job” is to spread news about people who have become successful in industries that don’t need a degree and therefore, don’t saddle an individual with unmanageable student debt.