Black Lives Matter Movement Wants A Black Christmas

A professor from California State University has called BLM to continue their tradition of “Black Xmas” in support of black business.

He plans to continue the boycotting of “white capitalism.”

“We say ‘white capitalism’ because it’s important that we understand that the economic system and the racial structures are connected,” said the California professor.

  • denise valley

    BLM, are you all on crack? You all ready have a black Christmas, just your dark and sick ways of thinking, want a totally BLACK Christmas go to Africa, be with all your people, dam stop ya dam bitching, it’s sickening, don’t any of you work? Or do you work for George Soros, he’s white, yet you have NO problem taking money from that racist SOB. If you got time to protest you got time to work, try helping your brothers out of poverty, help each other, rebuild your community together, what do you think the government owes you something, talk to your slum landlords, have them pay, work together, he buys the material,and you help to the work, and he gets a tax break, nothing in this country is for free, we have to come together and fight for it, all races, white people are poor too, hispanic’s, native American. So stop walking around complaining, help FIX YOUR COUNTRY, or leave, but stop destroying it, then blame everybody because it’s a slum. Work together!