Bernie Sanders Ashamed After Being Exposed For Something Unbelievable

Bernie Sanders, the people’s champion.

At least that’s what his campaign wants you to believe about him.

Truth is Sanders is just like the rest of the liberal numb-nuts who run around in DC. He’s a “Do as I say, not as I do” kind of politician.

And yes, we can prove it with hard evidence.

Take for instance Sanders’s stance on Uber, the alternative to cabs. This popular service is a champion of free market initiative which would naturally mean it is going to draw fire from the self-professed socialist.

The interesting thing is what he does with Uber in private.

The Anti-Media writes:

The Democratic presidential candidate from Vermont has publicly spoken out against Uber, the popular car-hailing provider, stating it is “unregulated” and has “serious problems.” That must be why 100% of the senator’s campaign spending on taxi or ride-sharing services went to…(drum roll)…Uber. [insert Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music here]

Regardless of this blatant hypocrisy, Bernie’s statements regarding Uber are false. There are 54 jurisdictions within the United States where the service is regulated, according to an Uber spokesperson. That number doesn’t include the multitude of proposed regulations at municipal and state levels from around the United States that have not yet been enacted. So, when Senator Sanders says Uber is “unregulated,” what he actually means is he wants more government intrusion and more regulation.


The guy doesn’t like a company and he publicaly bashes them, but when it comes to saving a few bucks over the pricier taxis he’s out there trying to get the best deal.

It doesn’t even make sense why a guy like him would try and save money.

He is the champion of take from the rich and give to the poor, so shouldn’t he spend more money to help pay poor the poor cab driver’s salary?

What a hypocrite.

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