Bannon flies close to the sun

Could Stephen Bannon be getting too big for the White House?

The controversial counselor to the president has seen his profile soar higher than ever in recent days.

A close-up image of him fills the cover of the current edition of Time magazine. He was portrayed as the Grim Reaper — and also as the real power behind the White House’s Resolute desk — on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend.


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  • jetmagnet

    cabinet pick planning radical steps to fix Social Security… Future
    benefits possibly at risk… Here’s what every American should know…

    Peter Reagan, February 9, 2017

    You probably already know it: Social Security is in dire straits. Currently, the program at risk of facing a major shortfall as soon as 2034, which means that receiving benefits in the future is far from a sure thing – even for today’s middle-age workers.

    To fix the program, dramatic changes must happen now.

    with this urgency that President Trump has nominated Mick Mulvaney to
    run the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). While we don’t know for
    sure what fixes Mulvaney will apply, most would burden all taxpayers and

    Here are three discussed changes that could affect all Americans:

    Option #1: Cut Social Security benefits.

    Trump has said that cuts to payouts are off the table. But in a Senate
    confirmation hearing, Mulvaney indicated otherwise.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Mulvaney told the Senate that he would advocate for cuts to benefits, adding…

    “I have to imagine that the president knew what he was getting when he asked me to fill this role.”

    isn’t hard to read between the lines. In 2009, Mulvaney called Social
    Security a ‘ponzi scheme’ and insisted the program as we know it should
    be brought to an end. Chances are slim his views are drastically
    different today.

    Option #2: Increase Social Security taxes.

    2016, every American paid 12.4% of their income under $118,500 to
    Social Security. Now, Mulvaney has the power to adjust that cap.

    Already, the SSA announced the cap would increase by 7% in 2017. But Mulvaney is willing to push the cap higher.
    During his confirmation hearings, he declared that his pledge as a
    congressman to oppose tax increases would not extend to his service in
    the OMB.

    • Bruce in AZ

      Social security should be means tested as should SSA. Medicare should be market based grants of medical care and means tested. That means people would shop and ask for costs. Obviously, the indigent would still need subsidy, but perhaps they can be educated to be aware of the cost of care.

      • voncile fullwood

        the medical and drug association should not cheat the people by making a price to high to pay for it the big dog are the drug pharma

        • Bruce in AZ

          Let’s go to Washington and talk to these idiots.

          • Sharo

            Hey Bruce, hit them on Twitter! If we could get thousands on board with “tweeting” their concerns, they might just hear us!

    • voncile fullwood

      our Social Security has been at risk for a long while but more so these past eight years that Obama has dipped into for several years now,giving money out to other countries and and taking taxpayer’s money to feed the illegals he brought over,and this was the taxpayers money and not an entitlement like they want to claim and you can not fix what is not there and this younger generation will not have anything to fall back on when they get ready to draw SS

  • grinnie

    Why does he always look like he just woke up on a park bench?