Gannon Wanted to Help Moore Win

Recently on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” it was claimed that former White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was very close to helping Roy Moore win the election in Alabama even though his own opinion was that Moore was an “extraordinary flawed candidate.”

Here is part of the transcript,

TODD: The Republican Party. I want to read you something, George, and give you the first start here. This is what Michael Gerson wrote on Friday, “This is the sad logic of Republican politics today — the only way that elected Republicans will abandon Trump is if they see it in self-interest, and the only way they will believe it is in their self-interesting is to watch a considerable amount of their fellow Republicans lose,” That’s the summary of the post analysis Alabama. What say you?

WILL: Self-interest is broken out in american politics.

TODD: Are you shocked?

WILL: Who knew? Yes, I think that’s right. I think these people are having trouble trying to find out how to balance the fact that he does, in fact, set the tone of the party and that a substantial portion of the base is still furiously enthusiastic about him, and therefore, they have to navigate this. it does help that he and his echo, Mr. Bannon, failed in Alabama, but with an extraordinary flawed candidate they came very close.