ANOTHER Dem Wants To Impeach Trump

On Sunday, thousands of protesters marched through downtown Los Angeles calling for President Trump’s impeachment. According to the Los Angeles Times, people were protesting over the proposed Medicaid cuts, Trump’s supposed collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election, and his treatment of now-former FBI Director James Comey.

After the march, several individuals gave impassioned speeches, including Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA). Sherman is the Left’s latest hero because he began drafting and circulating articles of impeachment a few months ago. Here is an excerpt of Sherman’s speech at the rally:

I served with Mike Pence in Congress for 12 years and I disagree with him on just about everything. I never dreamed I would be standing on a stage advocating an action that would put him in the White House. But it is time to start the process. Not to change America’s policy. We will do that in 2018. We will do that in 2020. But we have to act now to begin a process to protect our country from abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and impulsive, ignorant incompetence.

Sherman joined Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Rep. Al Green (D-TX) in calls to remove the President.

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  • Mark V

    Dear Brad, may I start by suggesting that you read the Constitution, that outdated and clunky document that stops people like you from running roughshod over people you disagree with. You must have a reason to impeach the Prez, a bad hair day is not a high crime or misdemeanor, but a mere faux pas.

    • nosmiley

      What about constant telling of lies, and having the family sneaking around with Putin, then telling lies about it ? Or having dozens of women state that he sexually harassed them ? Then telling the world he is immune. Another big lie. Clinton wasn’t immune. Neither was Kennedy. I guess you folks will grant the Turnip an exception, same as you have on running his businesses from the white house. You folks have always specialized in making up the laws as you go along. ( Tom Delay shouldn’t have to go to prison for money laundering, until his term is over ) Your party actually tried that one, but it was shot down out of simple ignorance .

      • M Henderson

        What?? you sir are a little behind the times the things that you are accusing the President of has already been done by your Former Mus-slime in chief (never my president) and his Crony AZZ counter part Hitlery and the rapist, liar and pet chump Husband of the BI*ch that was running the White house back in the 90s.

      • G. W.

        Clinton was charged with purgery and Kennedy was never charged Your problem is Trump is not a one world power supporter. If you Dems want to live under that kind of government move to Europe. The rest of the world will not join you. That is unless the middle east wins then we will be under the Muslims and their 12th century laws.

      • allen blaine

        nosmiley, give some explicit examples of what you are talking about. None of those accusations were true, otherwise Trump would have been indicted. The one to be tried for treason is Obama, examples: Lying for Hillary about a video caused the Ben Gahzi attack, or Obama claiming executive privilege on the Fast and Furious gun running by Eric Holder who was also convicted of contempt of congress 2 times, or not enforcing the immigration laws, or Obama changing the ACA law without congress when only congress can change laws. Obama should be in jail right now. Trump has done nothing illegal, or he would be in jail already. All of the accusations have come from the media not from any government officials. The only crimes that have come out of this witch hunt for the last 9 months is the FBI leaking info to the media, that is a federal crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Comey is on that list as he admitted to the senate under oath that he did so. The more the lying media keeps pushing these lies, the deeper the Democrats hole gets. They are implicating themselves in crimes.

      • Ronald Hagler

        nosmiley, what lies do you speak of? Did President Trump not meet (and still is meeting) with business leaders to try and dissuade them form closing their U.S. facilities, thus putting thousands of Americans out of work? Does he not fully support the military? Has he not moved to repeal (or at least change) Obamacare, thus saving millions of working Americans the billions of dollars they have been forced to pay into the “system” to shore up the lagging funds in Obamacare? Have you forgotten that Obama, with the help of his Democrat controlled Congress, stole $716 Billion from Medicare to fund Medicaid, under The Affordable Care Act? It was Trump, not Clinton, who opposed this stealing of American worker’s dollars to fund Medicaid.

        What sneaking around do you speak of, relative to the Trump family and Putin? Your tirade against President Trump, his family and their supposed “sneaking around” with Putin, fails to acknowledge that both President Clinton and President Obama had meetings with Putin. Your rant is stale, repetitious rhetoric with not established facts to back up even one word. In fact, it is nothing more than an opinion, based on lies, fabrications and political hyperbole, posted by an uninformed, narrow-minded minion. Can I assume, based on your outburst, that you favor higher taxes to the working American to insure that the freeloaders, ne’er-do-wells and miscreants get government sponsored healthcare?

      • Frank Mercieca

        He never s old missiles tó isis

  • Frank Mercieca


  • gooojooo1

    lest see if the dnc keeps spending 26 million per political campaign and losing EVERY TIME pretty soon sorros and the dnc will be out of money

  • Bonnie Brunner-Brown

    sherman, waters and green…WOW the three stooges..STUPID is as STUPID does…GET OVER IT.

    God Bless Mr Trump!

    • nosmiley

      You know in your heart, that God doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Turnip.

      • Fred

        So true, so true!

  • justanagent

    Quoting Congressman Sherman: we have to act now to begin a process to protect our country from abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and impulsive, ignorant incompetence.

    Seems to me that we began doing that with the 2016 elections. When you drain a swamp you expose the bottom feeders and they don’t like it.

  • gene smiith

    Let me see, BRAD SHERMAN in lock step with Maxine Waters…..that is comical and quite unlikely to produce much of anything except perhaps from the freeloaders in the California Democrat population.
    There is a strong possibility that were any of these morons questioned about why they dislike PRESIDENT TRUMP they would have no answer, they are following the leaders and looking at their leaders, they had better be watching where they are being led….those two losers would get lost in their own office. Sick!!

  • Reverend1

    Hey Democrats:

    The election is over

    The name calling is done

    Your party lost

    My party won

    So let us be friends

    Let arguments pass

    I’ll hug my elephant

    You kiss your ass……

    God bless Trump and Pence.

    • nosmiley

      Why don’t you learn how to correctly post on here, dummy.

      • M Henderson

        Why don’t you go suck on Obunghole AZZWIPE!

      • G. W.

        nosmiley, did you have a hard time understanding the post. If not, take your name calling to another site. We don’t need your kind here, always whining and calling people names. YES, I said people, we are not children that needs your guidance.

    • Fred

      Trump and Pence are gonna need God’s blessing ’cause neither of them know their asses from holes in the ground! P.S. I’m a 62 year old Independent moderate and have voted in every election since I was 18 and have never seen a more worthless and despicable travesty than the 2016 debacle! Neither party made a real effort to field a worthwhile candidate, the Dems pushed Bernie Sanders out of the way to run the “First Woman President”, which failed miserably and left us with “The Donald” who can’t even manage his family (c’mon 3 marriages?) and whose favorite tag line is “You’re Fired”!

  • Phil Esposito

    These are the same snowflakes that were afraid to use the word impeach during Obozo’s term because it was so disrespectful to the office of POTUS. Hypocrite c*cks*ckers.

    • sandraleesmith46

      But remember, O was doing what THEY WANTED done; destroying our Constitution and the actual RIGHTS it guarantees to protect for citizens, while bench “legislators” were gleefully making up fake “rights” for the special interest groups, that were merely special PRIVILEGES, not “rights” at all!

  • Ruff

    No one other than other idiots and AOL care what this fool thinks, wants or talks about.


    there is no dear brad! lets get down to the nuts and bolts. brad, you are a moron, a dipshit, and whatever else fits! trump is saving our country from all the obstructions of justice and the abuse of power that came from the obama administration. if you cant see that or understand that, then you are surely a dumbass or corrupt. either one is horrible. please get your head out of your ass and let trump save america!

    • Fred

      I really would like to know where you people get the idea that the orange man is saving this country from anything! The only thing he has done since the “election” is turn this great nation of ours into the laughingstock of the world! He hasn’t the insight, the intelligence or the temperament to lead this country into anything but a brick wall (or a nuclear war!!)

      • CALVIN

        dear fred, i dont know where you have been for the last 8 years. i guess you are ok to be treated like little peasents. the obama administration has been very dishonest with the american public. hillary is actually a criminal. no one could get away with all the shit she has. trump may not be perfect, but he is trying to get america back to wahere they used to be in the world. give him a chance and if the things that the democrats say are so bad that he is doing, let trump do them and not get reelected. but as you know, the real truth is that the democrats are afraid he is going to clean up all the bureaucratic bullshit and waste that is dragging down the american taxpayer.

  • sandraleesmith46

    BASED on WHAT???? Their “hurt feelings” that the rest of us REJECTED their leftist agenda???? That, unfortunately for THEM, is NOT grounds for impeachment. I don’t like Trump as a person or as POTUS, but he has done exactly NOTHING that constitutes an “impeachable offense” as yet! If he should do so, I will call for his head myself. But UNTIL and UNLESS he does, he is our POTUS and they need to accept that their AGENDA is what LOST big. Americans DO NOT WANT that! We will NEVER “go quietly” into enslavement under a 1 world gov’t! Too many of us have served this nation and Constitution and understand what it guarantees us as citizens for that! It’s a shame they have bought their own lies so completely, and believe the lies of those who went before them! So long as HUMANS control gov’t, it will ALWAYS fail; only when Jesus returns and assumes HIS throne as ruler of this world can or will the “utopia” the left claims to want, become possible; BUT it will be UNDER YHWH GOD, not under humans and without Him!

  • Arnold Young

    Just another stupid ignorant demorat showing just how stupid he is!

  • Pat Prybil

    Brad Sherman, Maxine Waters, and Al Green, are a bunch of Whack Jobs. SCOTTY BEAM THEM UP !!!!!

  • Billy Siler

    Waters main agenda is impeach President Trump. Waters should do the job that the people sent her to do and not play petty politics. The people have spoken Trump is President, get on the bus and move America forward, the constitution says Treason, Bribery, or High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Where is the justification for impeachment? The Congressmen and others are interfering with the agenda of governing the country and passing bills to that effect. Elected officials can be replaced,this petty bickering may cost some their jobs. The voters have spoken get off your duff and go to work for the people or we will vote you out of office.This is the agenda Jobs,Jobs, Jobs,Healthcare, Tax reform,V.A. reform, a strong military and the defeat of ISIS is only the start. All these are on President Trumps agenda, so Congress should get off their butts and go to work or go home and get another job.

    • M Henderson

      If they want to impeach someone they missed a prime time and candidate to bring charges against! That was the traitor,and Criminal Mus-slime Azz Obama

    • Fred

      Dude, the Republicans have been playing petty politics ever since Obama was elected. The first comment made by a Republican after Obama’s swearing in was “We(the Republicans) are going to do everything we can to see him (Obama)fail”. Tell me I’m lying, I dare you!!

  • Billy Siler

    We are on the verge of anarchy if the Democrats and radical Liberals don’t stop this game of destroying our country. Rome fell from with-in so can the U.S.A., we know who to blame if this happens but we will be the one’s to suffer. The people to blame will be Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer,Harry Reed,Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,Elizabeth Warren,Barack Obama,Kathy Griffin, Madonna, Snoop Dogg Johnny Depp, CNN,MSNBC,CBS,NY Times and the Washington Post. This is a long list but not long enough, some on this list should be charged and possible jailed like Kathy Griffin, Madonna,Snoop Dogg and Johnny Depp (I love his acting and where he is from but don’t like the statement he made about ,when was the last time an actor killed a President).

  • Jackson Brannon

    Maxine Watterhead and the other Dumborats need to understand that PRESIDENT TRUMP is OUR President and we are armed and ready to defend him!!!

    • nosmiley

      Armed and ready to defend with nothing more than utter stupidity.
      You give yourself away by your primitive name calling. Most kids outgrow that in about the 6th grade

      • M Henderson

        LOL Sir……………………? no I withdraw that,you are no Sir but a thumb sucking Assh*le,get off of your Ma-ma

      • G. W.

        nosmiley, we are armed with a vote in the ballet box. May be stupidity, but the vote counts.

  • Matthew G. Zatkalik

    Amazing how so many of these folks are blinded by the logs in their own eyes as to what is being done by them in their own state but claim to be able to see clearly what Donald the Trumpeter is doing in D.C.?

    • allen blaine

      Mathew, please explain exactly what it is that Trump is doing? Can you do that? There are a lot of posts from libs that do not explain their posts, but they make statements such as “he lies. or He is a dictator, or he doesn’t know what he is doing”. These kind of statements tell us nothing. No facts, no explanations. Not too smart.

  • Frank Mercieca

    Áll of the poverty pimps lol