Ann Coulter Slams The President

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter attacked President Trump recently saying all he wants “is for Goldman Sachs to like him.”

Coulter stated, “An elegant person wouldn’t have said the things he was saying. It was precisely that he was so coarse that allowed him to say these incredibly courageous things. He didn’t care what Manhattan elites thought of him. As soon as he gets to the White House, suddenly all he wants is the approval of the Manhattan fancy people. He sure didn’t care for the 18 months he was running.”

“So the shallow, coarse ignoramus, yes it was a selling point because he didn’t care what people thought of him, now all he wants is for Goldman Sachs to like him. I don’t know what happened. But that’s a different president. I haven’t changed. He has.”

Lou Dobbs of Fox Business Network said, “Affirmation complexes are never attractive in anyone and unfortunately I believe there is some truth to the fact that there are those in the White House who would like to guide him toward this liberal fantasy that is a nightmare for America and has proved to be such for our middle class, which has been dwindling for the past 20 years. Under this president, they’re starting to grow, and money is starting to come in, and we’re starting to see housing prices rise.”

Coulter stated, “Everything gets better with a wall and deportations. Immigration makes everything easier, entitlements, the drug problem, theft of government services.”

“He needs a few other people in the White House who don’t oppose everything he said about immigration during the campaign.”

  • Marty Martin

    Ann Coulter, I don’t believe his agenda has changed at all and if anything different i believe every time they fight Trump it just makes him more determined to do what he thinks is right for Americans, he’s a fighter not a Wimp like we had with Obama and he seems to be trying to make America great again if it’s possible while fighting the liberal communist agenda, And theDNC Socialist programs, People wake up and help The President Save America, Thanks Nuff Said

    • jwright673

      The congress should wake up and help the President save America. The GOP holds the house and senate yet they couldn’t stop a 1.3 trillion disaster from being signed into law. Trump should have vetoed it and let the chips fall where they may. Had he vetoed it, you would have seen a mad scramble to fix it, including demo-rats who didn’t want to be blamed for a government shutdown. Now any gains we might have realized with the tax cuts will quickly be absorbed paying for this boondoggle. Pathetic!

      • antimarxist

        They also failed to repeal obamacare, which was an election platform on all their election material. The reason this country is failing is that the republican party is more about furthering their own worthless careers and so don’t put up the resistance and pressure the dems do since they are all lockstep in their ultimate soviet goal.

        • jwright673

          Excellent points.

        • Kanawah

          The republican party has been taken over by fascist and oligarchs.
          They are only interested in furthering their own interest, and have no interest in doing anything for America or her people.

          VOTE DEMOCRATIC if you want to Make America Great Again.
          To do other wise will mean the end of America.

          • betty thompson


  • mallen11

    Ann goes with the way the wind blows to boast her own agenda. She is for Ann and Ann alone. She is not worth listening to. I haven’t for a very long time.

  • christopher kelly police ret.

    Trump has lost the nyctpd and will have to earn his way back. He was the american braveheart and now he has turned into them. He has not been the same since his pre – election meeting with Kissinger. GET BACK on the ball or get lost. What a heartbreak. just like losing a member of your family.

  • christopher kelly police ret.

    He is fully going along with the browning of America as long as it is not his. What a phoney scumbag and I know this guy since 1974. We should have been able to tell. BRING IN PENCE NOW. DT should resign.

  • karolh

    I think President Trump has so much on his plate, he is working double time to accomplish all that needs done. Our country and government was filled with so many evil corrupt bad actors it would take Superman to fight them all. Our President has made great accomplishments in his short time. What he needs is a full working administration, but this Congress is so overly loaded with corruption, evil bad actors against the American people, that the President is doing the best he can with a triple work load, all the attempts on his and his families lives, plus these idiot women wanting their 15 minute of fame and money, not caring how their lies tear up the families of our President or the possible opening they may give his enemies to use against him. I personally think everyone should back off of the complaints and insults to our President, he has proven his ability to outsmart the corrupt evil bad actors, obtaining the results we all wanted. None of us could have done better or as well. We should be praying God will preserve our Presidents strength and health, nourish his marvelous thinking process, keep him strong of mind and body, protect him and his family. That is a prayer we should pray everyday. God please bless President Trump and his family, protect them from all of the corrupt evil bad actors in this great nation and please remove them all quickly. I ask these things in Jesus Holy Name.

  • wlennon

    Doesn’t Ann know how much our President done for us, and is still fighting for all of the people, and our country. He cannot even depend on his own DOJ, and the RINO’s are against him, except when they want to use the tax cut and some other successes in their mid-terms. Putin was for Hillary Clinton, in his own words, “We needed to keep a weak party as a President like Obama was, he gave us Iraq, we now own 20% of the USA’s Uranium. Mr. Obama promised us Hillary.” Reported by R/T Television in 2017. No other President has ever gone after the Kim’s in North Korea, at the beginning it would have been much easier to stop them from getting Nuclear weapons. The Army Corps of Engineers has already began working on “The Wall”, beginning in Southern California despite the Omnibus Spending Bill. To the people of Arizona, please get out the vote for Martha McSally for a Senate seat, don’t care if it was Flakes or McCain’s. Governor Abbott of Texas has invited all Republicans and Conservatives who are sick of California, are welcome in Texas. He has put people in place to help them find homes and jobs here, especially no State Taxes is an incentive, so many are moving out of the state due to high taxes (13.8%), high price of gas, and all the crime, not just illegal aliens, but also from warring gangs! As of today, they is a waiting list of moving companies, and Rent you Own trucks, U-Haul and others. The Governor has also busted all of Texas’s Sanctuary cities when he cut off State Funding. There are no more handouts or welfare to illegals, and stay in jail till ICE picks them up.

    • Kanawah

      No, Anne has figured out “how much the orangutan has done TO our country.

      • wlennon

        The orangutan can’t run for president again, actually I am hoping that Hillary runs again (If she isn’t in prison by 2020). Just for the record, when a MIT group did a vote recount, when they counted California, there were 3.4 million missing votes. The illegals who Gov. Brown allowed, no insisted they vote, which is how they received 142% in just four counties. For 18 months now, Hillary is still on a “Blame every one but “ME” for her 2016 loss to President Trump, she is up to 72 new reasons why she lost. We have record growth (GDP), record jobs being created, as people are doing their Taxes for this month, Trump’s approval rating has hit 53% and climbing. He is the only US President to confront North Korea, killed the deal in Iraq, the 150B Billion Obama said belonged to Iraq was paid back. The fact is, that money was deemed by the Federal Courts to have become US money by forfeiture, we did not owe them a penny. Just prior to him returning the $150 Billion, Obama pays then $500 Million for a Prisoner Exchange (the US Charter says the United States does not pay Ransom, though we feel sorry for those in captivity). Rogue countries around the world rejoiced at Obama’s weakness, he could have stopped Russia from using their military to support a hostile regime. He drew “Red Lines in the sand”, but never acted on them. How does on watch Iraq’s Nuke progress, when the president allowed then to keep their underground military Nuke plants, such as the one in Parchin, there is only one reason to be using Hard Water, it’s used once you have weapon’s grade Uranium. He turned our Intelligence Community into his own KGB, Hillary’s doing favors with countries to enrich the Clinton Foundation, not to mention keeping Classified Documents on a Home Server, plus she denied Ambassador Stephens Marine Corps protection 150 cables he sent for requests. The supreme Court removed the FISA Judge for allowing an unverified dossier for the call of a Special Prosecutor, when Christopher Steel said he could not confirm his own information. We’re long overdue to end the 14th Amendment, it served it’s purpose for Slaves (which should have never happened. It was the Duke of York, at the time the British authority over the Colonies, began the Slave trade, in fact after we ran the British out of North America the first time, all slaves should have been repatriated to their home countries. Camp VII at GITMO is a civilian prison, but it only had 70 cells, now they are expanding it to hold 2,000 more. I can hardly wait till all the indictments are unsealed, they include Bush 43 and Obama Administrations, a tremendous amount of will be going to prison, but you will not hear of any of this from the MSM.

      • wlennon

        I believe you are speaking of Barack & Micheal. Hope he reinstates the Draft up to the age of 18 – 30. Keep the fat lazy ones in boot camp till they become real men. Perhaps that will add some much-needed testosterone.

    • betty thompson


  • A_Nobody

    The one who’s changed is Coulter and is on the path to disgusting. Her now ignorant personal opinions of anything mean nothing to me. He’s accomplished more in his short tenure, for the average American, than Obozo did in 8 years and he did it fighting all of Congress who sat on their hands for Obozo.

  • betty thompson