Activists plan ‘Day Without Immigrants’

Several major U.S. cities are preparing for a “Day Without Immigrants,” a protest to President Trump’s stance on immigration.

Businesses and restaurants in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Houston, New York City and other major cities in the U.S. will reportedly be closed on Thursday.

Celebrity chef José Andrés, who is embroiled in a legal battle with Trump, announced on Twitter that he would close some of his D.C. restaurants to participate in the protest.

Andrés, who is an immigrant from Spain, backed out of a contract to open a restaurant in Trump’s D.C. hotel.

The Washingtonian compiled a list of 60 individual local restaurants and entire chains in the D.C. area that will be closed on Thursday. Other restaurants will be open for limited hours, or with a limited menu, or will serve drinks while the kitchens stay closed. A few restaurants will close their kitchens but allow people to bring their own food.

At least one charter school in D.C. will reportedly be closed on Thursday, and public schools are preparing for any related walkouts or protests. Dozens of Washington-area businesses have announced they will close as well.


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  • bttrap

    does this mean I won’t get my grass cut on this day?

    • Jimbo

      Hey you know what captain travis said at the Alamo when they told him there are 10000 Mexican army arrived. He said oh great thank goodness the landscapers showed up.

  • Brucecovexeno

    well now they can celebrate “a day without a job!”

  • cheetah

    There are plenty of unemployed who will take these jobs. They’re leaving means they’re fired. They won’t be missed, business will continue with new employees

    • Jimbo

      1 American can do job of 3 Mexican. While whistling dixie.

  • James Barnhart Sr

    Some people are dumb as a bag of hair. I am 69 yrs old and know what illegal means. Why can not people realize how much money these people cost us. They get food stamps ( me and the wife can not as we make to much on SS. HA HA ). We got about a $4 raise this yr. First one in 3 yrs. If i go to the hospital i have to pay. Hospital told me they pay NOTHING. They get all kinds of help and we get nothing. I hope they run every one of them out of the country.

  • Mike W

    These morons keep saying President Trump hates immigrants. He is married to an immigrant – A LEGAL immigrant. These protestors refuse to use the word ILLEGAL because it does not serve their agenda. The last “Day without immigrants” resulted in a lot of people being fired for not coming to work. Let em keep it up they are helping create jobs. Wait until they find out that able bodied people will not qualify for the handouts they have been receiving and just have to look for another job

  • Terry Rushing

    Hey you “planners”; don’t cut yourselves short. Why not shoot for at least a week, or even a month. I could get used to not having to navigate around them cluttering the aisles at Walmart and jabbering in their own language. Every illegal in the country could go back to where he or she came from and I would miss them just like I’d miss a tooth ache.

    • stonecold621

      or a pimple on a pigs butt?
      but hey, let them continue their day without immigrants rallies……cant wait for the surprize when they come to work, and fining out that theyve given a pink slip and replaced by unemployed people who REALLY want to work

  • Spiker

    Is this a day without immigrants or a day without “Alien Invaders”? Why in the hell would a legal immigrant cast his lot with those criminals?

    • Jimbo

      A day with ou t immagrants is a day without dumb asses. Make sure you carry your baggage.

  • JohnGaltTexas

    Sure are brave about exposing their illegal a$$e$ aren’t they. Kind of an “in-your-face” attitude. Sure would make em’ easier to scoop up and send back south wouldn’t it? Then we’d have lots of days without ILLEGAL immigrants. How come these idiots don’t understand that if they are here LEGALLY, they don’t have anything to worry about (deportation wise that is)?

  • Jimbo

    I think we should go a year without immagrants just for fun. You think we need them. Nah. They need us more. Go ahead protest. Bye bye .adios.

  • Louis

    THE PROBLEM IS ILLEGAL ALIENS ,Not legal immigration.
    This whole joining of an illegal action to a legal one is all part of the Fake news Media agenda combined with the Liberal Leftist.
    If you are here illegally you should be thrown out no matter how old you are or when you broke into our country