A Message from Dr. Ron Paul

Ron Paul22-Year Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul

Dear Reader,

Hello, this is Dr. Ron Paul.

I’ve sent you this note today because I think we could actually soon see a major collapse of the U.S. dollar.

Having spent more than two decades in the U.S. Congress, I can tell you for certain that there is nothing normal about what is happening in the U.S. financial system today.

In fact, I’m so concerned, I recently sat down for an exclusive interview with one of the leading financial research firms in America.

This interview goes into great detail.

We talk not only about the looming currency crisis, and how a collapsing dollar will affect you… but also exactly what steps you can and should take to prepare.

I have never done anything quite like this interview before.

But we are living in a dangerous time.

I want Americans to open their eyes—to wake up to what our government is doing, and the potentially disastrous consequences.

I strongly recommend you take a few minutes to have a look at this new interview I’ve done.

The research firm I’m working with has posted it on their website.

They’ve made it available free of charge, right here.



Former U.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate


  • Lupe Montelongo

    Stop saying that generic Drugs are equal than the Brand Names! They ARE Not; No matter how much credits you give to those phony meds, but the Government keeps on sticking their nose in everything & the insurances doesn’t want to cover them, well Screw those insurances, I don’t even know why they are at existence when they are not going to help The AMERICAN PEOPLE; We are going to correct that system & they must agree, or run out of business! ONCE & FOR ALL, MAKE THOSE INSURANCE PAY AT LEAST 3/4 OF BRAND NAME PRICE; Just today I went to my Doctor to get the Script for my PAIN Medication & told her to write ” NO Substitution PERMMITED ” And she wrote it just like that, but when I went to the Pharmacy, the Pharmacist gave the generic which is ” Hydrocodone 7.5-200 IBU ” OK, I ask the Pharmacist why did she gave me the generic instead of the Brand, & she said because the insurance won’t not cover that which is ” Vicoprofen &.7.5-200 IBU ” meaning Vicodin 7.5- 200 Ibuprofen, I called the insurance Co. that is Cigna Health Spring & told them why were they doing this to me? They said that they don’t cover Brand names, then I answered out of ” Rage ” then what do I need their services after all when they don’t cover the Medications that Patients need; As well I have another that is to treat the PTSD Syndrome that brand name is Valium 10mg & the same thing happened, the Pharmacist gave me Diazepam, I said ” what the hack, this is not the right medication, the Pharmacist said well if you want to pay cash for it? I said OK, but I am getting Rid of that insurance, PERIOD!

    • Eric J. Carbonell

      Valium, Hydrocodone and Vicoden+Rage. Sounds like you need detox a lot more than you need a name-brand medication.

      • Lupe Montelongo

        YEA, sure, you sound just like the rest of the Rock-head doctors, I have been taking this Brand names Medications for 51 years out of the US Military due to Injuries and the pro. Doctors told me that I had to take them for LIFE, So what else you have to Know?

        • Eric J. Carbonell

          If you really want to know, inbox me. All the best.

          • Lupe Montelongo

            We’ll do just sent me your email, or Post mail address and will give you full information: WARNING: You will end-up Kicking the rear wagon Pricks when you see what proves I have to back-up what I said!

  • Lupe Montelongo

    Hillary, should be out of the Presidential race, nobody is going to vote for her after so many wrong doing at Obama’s favor, my large family and me will not vote for some one dirty, and we need to have more information of Rand Paul we won’t want to have another bad surprise with candidates like Obama, NO WAY!