Black Marine Court Martialed For the Sickest Of Reasons

The Marines just celebrated their 240th birthday.

The venerable group of fighters has a rich history of doing the right thing whenever they’re up against the enemy and they also have a strong reliance on God as their backbone.

Turns out expressing any kind of a belief in God is a good way to get yourself in trouble if you’re in the Marines nowadays…it’s part of the entire United States Armed Forces crackdown on religious liberties.

For America writes:

A First Amendment right or insubordination?

Former Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling is making the case that her failure to remove a Bible verse from her work station is protected as the former.

Sterling, who was convicted in February 2014, refused to remove from her work space “No weapon formed against me shall prosper,” an allusion to Isaiah 54:17. She will likely appear at the military’s highest court to plead her case sometime in the next two months.

The Marine Corps Times reported:

“Our Marines give up many freedoms when serving, but religious freedom is never one of them,” Mike Berry, military affairs director with the legal organization representing Sterling, the Liberty Institute, said in a statement. “We are grateful the court took the case and we are hopeful for a favorable ruling for our client.”

Sterling will now have to successfully argue that she was exercising religious freedom, that her superior infringed upon it, and that he had a “compelling government interest” to do so, according to the court’s grant of review.

She must also convince the court that the order to remove the signs did not have a “valid military purpose.”

There’s no way having a sign up quoting a bible verse could in any way interfere with her job as a solider.

This is an asinine attack on someone who chose to exercise her first amendment freedoms.

This stinks to high heaven and is surely a top down order from the White House and Obama’s joint chiefs of staff to get Christians out of the military.

You can be sure if someone had Islamic verses they wouldn’t be facing the same kind of punitive action.

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