42 Students Sexually Assaulted By School Aide With HIV

An HIV-positive former Maryland school aide has been charged with sexually assaulting 42 boys.

Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, was hit with a 206-count indictment on Monday from the Charles County State Attorney’s Office.

Bell was originally arrested in July and charged with sexually assaulting at least 24 victims. That number has since been increased to include 42 victims he is accused of assaulting, including 28 were identified and 14 who were not.

“The ages of the alleged victims at the time the offenses were committed range from 11 years old to 17 years old,” the state attorney’s office said, according to Fox News.

Bell reportedly admitted to authorities that he was HIV positive, though the state attorney’s office said it was not aware of any of the victims testing positive as well.

The investigation into Bell began in December 2016 after a concerned parent found inappropriate text messages on her child’s phone.

Bell was removed from his coaching job at La Plata High School and Benjamin Stoddert Middle School once the probe began.

He allegedly abused his victims at a variety of locations between May 2015 and June 2017.

“Some of the crimes appear to have been committed on school property, and others at his home in Waldorf,” Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry told WRC-TV in July.

When police searched Bell’s home computer, they discovered child pornography. Multiple images were also found of Bell having sex with a boy inside a classroom.

Clark County school Superintendent Kimberly Hill called the crimes Bell is accused of “horrifying.

“In an organization that is all about children, these allegations are horrifying,” Hill said. “To our parents and our community, who put their faith and trust in us to safeguard their children, I apologize on behalf of Charles County Public Schools. Student safety is job one, and clearly we have work to do to make sure that this will never happen again.”

The state attorney’s office will be seeking life in prison for Bell if he is convicted, WJLA reported.

A trial is scheduled for Jan. 8 2018, and Bell is currently being held without bond. Authorities noted that the investigation is ongoing, and they are urging anyone with information on the alleged crimes to come forward.

source: westernjournalism.com

  • Walter Bazner

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  • Ron C

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  • HDMania

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    • moose

      If he’s found guilty, he should be taken out and SHOT !!

    • Marv

      Just what the hell has the South got to do with it???
      Maryland is a northern state by its actions.

  • mousekiller

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  • J. P. Lynch

    How could this go on for so long without anyone noticing or coming forward to complain? What is wrong with the parents of these innocent young boys?? I hope that justice prevails amd these young boys get the help and treatment they need and the love and protection they deserve! What a horrible thing to go on for so long.
    God bless these young children!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  • MajorPain

    There is no Cure for HIV that I know of at this time. So this person has Murdered 42 Children this person is a Serial Killer he attacked these children at the most vulnerable time in their lives when they are just starting adolescence and developing their sexual Identity. This should not a life sentence case it should be a Death Penalty case with a Public Execution on live TV so these people can watch and see what their fate will be if they persist in their quest to indoctrinate children into this life style. HANGING still works as an effective deterrent for most heinous crimes.

  • Kenneth Fichtl

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  • William E. McNamara Jr.

    Now, now. Let’s not get all upset. This guy was simply sharing the wonderment of being gay with these kids. Schools now have drag queens and transgenders teaching our children about the wonders of homosexuality so I guess this guy decided to go one further and show these boys how wonderful homosexuality is. HIV is a bonus to gays. They actually go out of their way to contract and spread the disease. This guy was only doing what all homosexuals do: prey upon the young and innocent to try and “convert” them to homosexuality.