13 Things Clinton Blames For Her Loss

Hillary Clinton has offered numerous explanations for the outcome of last year’s presidential election. Below are Clinton’s most frequently repeated reasons for the election of Donald Trump to the presidency across recent interviews she has given with NPRPod Save America(PSA), and Vox.


Trump used “racial and ethnic and sexist appeals” in overtures to his supporters, Clinton told NPR, framing Trump’s base of supporters as white racists.

Trump’s political messaging was “discriminatory,” “bigoted,” “prejudiced,” and “fed into part of the electorate that just wanted to have a primal scream,” added Clinton. She echoed the same narrative with CBS, describing Trump’s electoral win as a “cry from the white nationalist gut.”

Via NPR:

I understood that my opponent had been, from the beginning of the primaries, fueling that anger [over the “financial crash”], and providing scapegoats, and a kind of cynical nostalgia that was rooted in saying, basically, you know, all these other people — whether it’s African-Americans or Muslims or immigrants or women or whomever — we’re going to get it back to the way it was.

Clinton told Vox‘s Ezra Klein that Trump had used racial “dog whistles” to appeal to what Klein described as “white resentment politics.”


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source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/20986/13-things-clinton-blames-her-loss-shes-not-one-robert-kraychik

  • Truthteller

    I wish hillary would die… we would all be better off, would we not?

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    Common behavior of a pathological sociopath with no soul, it’s everyone’s fault but her own

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    How about blaming her Horndog husband Bill Clinton for shaming our country with with his Sperm on Monica Lewinsky dress.