1 Legal Document Libs Don’t Want Anyone to Know Exists

Liberals, as a general rule, tend not to care too much for overt references to God in government. Heck, some conservatives don’t care for it, either.

If you don’t like mentions of the divine in government, you might want to stop reading right now, because all 50 separate renditions of state constitutions that we have in the United States reference a higher power in some way or another, an analysis from the Pew Research Center shows.

That’s right — all 50 states. Even California. That means that not matter what state they live in, Americans are governed by one document that specifically refers to the Almighty. That has to burn the liberal spirit.

Funnily enough one of the more liberal states now — Massachusetts — has the most references to the Creator with 12. Check out the full chart below:

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source: http://conservativetribune.com/heres-the-1-legal-document-libs/

  • gideonrockwell

    The Founding Fathers refer to our Divine Creator numerous times in their writings concerning government and the nation. Prayer was important to them and before proceeding with any great endeavor they asked God’s guidance through prayer. The Bible for them was more than a book of stories, it was their manual for daily life. This is why once a government was established once of the first things commissioned to be printed for the government was Bibles to be placed in every government house and court room. Separation of Church and state meant there would be no national faith such as in England in the U.S. not a government devoid of God.

    • Grant1959

      Well said. To this day each session of Congress opens with a prayer and there is a clergyman on payroll.

  • i am probably as liberal or progressive (whatever floats your boat) as anyone reading comments under a tea party banner and references to the almighty in governing documents do not “burn me.” What does burn me is “christians” who try to enforce their own superstitions in the law.